American Literature and UCLA's competition

<p>Hi, i posted this in the transfer section and no one answered :(. Anyway, im currently a community college student in san diego who is wondering how competitive the american literature and culture major really is. I'm aware that the english major has become impacted, while the american literature and culture major is not.</p>

<p>Right now im sophmore standing and currently have a 3.9 GPA (hopefully i can still maintain that, hopefully). im going to use the TAP program, since im finishing 15 units of honors by spring semester. i dont really have any official extra curriculars, aside from just starting out at the writing center at my school, working at AMC theatres for about 25-30 hours for about one and a half years, and help out with my spiritual group's administration. i havent had anytime to do anything else since i made school my extra curricular activity, utilizing that extra effort to assist other students with informal study groups. im writing my personal essay as a vehicle to demonstrate what insight these seemingly insignificant events in my life had on me and also how literature has always been stuck with my life. </p>

<p>I was wondering if anyone had been accepted into or is applying to this major knows how competitive/popular it actually is. any advice as well as an idea of how i might fare against those also applying for this major, since it is somewhat ambiguous how many people try to go into this major, would be a great help. this is important to me since american literature is one of those things in my life that i truly value and its crucial to understand in order to understand our own identity.</p>

<p>man, no respect i tells ya for the sufferings of a cc student. what a world what a world.</p>