American or UCI?

Was just admitted to these two schools as a transfer into the international studies major and very torn as to where I should go.

Objectively, UCI seems to be the better school overall, but American’s location can’t be beat in my eyes, DC has far more opportunities in terms of internships and future careers.

Financially they both stand on equal ground, so that’s not really a factor for me.

I am open to everything you have to offer. I don’t have access to anything but my phone right now so my ability to compare is limited, so I’m asking around in order to help form my opinion.

American, if you’re serious about IR, and doing internships in this field. If you’re doing IR but later want to go to law school or an MBA (for example) UCI would be fine. But American’s location absolutely beats Irvine if you want to work for the government, at a think tank, any kind of lobbying, etc.

@katliamom Yeah, it’s what my thinking is leaning towards. Just trying to get as thorough an assessment as possible.

For a thorough assessment, research internship opportunities available to American University students. Can you contact some alums? As a transfer student, you may not have the time to do a semester abroad program and still graduate in 4 years - but I would also look into what kinds of overseas possibilities are offered by AU.

For your major I’d choose American.

For your major, American is better. Congratulations!