American universities are pursuing fairness the wrong way

From The Economist:

American universities are pursuing fairness the wrong way | The Economist


There is more correlation between parental education and interest in children’s education with children’s educational outcomes than between parental wealth and children’s educational outcomes. Professors kids do very well. In fact education is supposed to be more heritable than plain wealth.


Tagline: Drop legacy admissions—not standardised exams


However, UK (and most other country) university admission exams are more subject matter tests. Would those here advocating for use of standardized exams prefer such things (analogous to discontinued SAT subject tests for ordinary level material and AP tests for advanced level material) to be used in the US over the SAT and ACT?

I believe those who argue against standardized exams disapprove subject matter tests even more strenuously. They’d argue that those tests are more correlated with test preparation and income.


I saw this short doc over the weekend. I don’t agree with any of this but I suppose this represents the other side of the argument.

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But would you prefer more subject matter tests (like UK O- and A-levels, or something along the lines of SAT subject and AP tests), versus the current US situation with the SAT and ACT?

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I would, personally, but I also think SAT has some value that isn’t captured by the subject matter tests.