American University Fall 2022 Transfers

Hi! Couldn’t find a thread on transfer results/questions for American University so decided to create one! Hoping to get results from them soon :slight_smile:

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Howdy, did you get your response yet? I havent

I called them recently, and they changed it to June 1

June 1st as the release date?! I thought admissions were rolling?

yeah that’s what I thought but apparently they changed it last minute and didn’t email saying so

Hey! Did yall receive any info on portal login yet? I also have a discord with almost 300 transfer students for different schools, and there is an American uni channel if you guys want to join 2022 Transfers

I got mine about a week after I turned in the app I believe

Yeah a couple days after i submitted

Everything I’ve read has said a couple weeks after submitting and some people have heard back. I’m not sure tho

my admissions counselor said june 1 but I can’t remember if that is the latest or the only one. I got the impression it was when everything was released unless people have heard

On the website it says thats the latest, hm. I don’t appreciate how vague this all is. Im visiting the school this week among others, so ill hopefully have a chance to ask.

plz let me know what they say!