American University - My Chances

<p>I found myself feeling almost at home when I visited the campus over the summer. My mother and father used to be diplomats, and the area itself (embassies, and American’s internationalism) brought back some old memories.</p>

<p>Before I finalize my list, I just need an opinion, from the students, on my chances of admission into this school.</p>

<p>3.00 GPA at graduation 90% Honors courses Junior and Senior year.
SAT’s not taken, but I am practicing them often, I want to project a score of
1600 - 1800
Two Years of Retail Sales experience (Nearly three once I attend college)
-Awarded Quarterly Sales MvP (Best Salesmen Award)
-Was promoted to a leadership role
So far 150 hours of community service
Lived half my life in Europe and Indonesia. (Ages 1-10)</p>

<p>try to get more than 1800 or 1900 for sats</p>

<p>i'm not a student, but thought i'd offer some help. your GPA and sats are on the low side, but your international life will be attractive to AU. did any diplomat family attend?</p>