American University RD 2024

Wait, I saw something that listed a bunch of my information like things you stated for a brief second and then it disappeared. I also have the thing that says plan to enroll.

@CMH2024 @jam24520 I have the same thing, it’s just a glitch. It basically shows your application stats and info. Nothing to worry about.

Where are you guys seeing this, my portal has 3 sections. My applications, my events and my profile? I can’t see any tabs!

@Fitness40 Next to your “Fall 2020 - Major/First Time Freshman”, there’ll be a button that says “view”, the aforementioned info will show up for about half a second. Again, it’s a glitch, so there’s nothing important about viewing it.

But maybe the glitch gives you some insight into your current status?

@smark0203 It doesn’t. Just info about submission dates and hs info.

does anyone know what the “rolled over” means for the glitch

yeah my application glitch says rolled over too I don’t know what that means. I also never got the email saying that decisions would be released the week of the 16th and I checked my junk mail and everything so I don’t know what’s up with that so I don’t know if I should email admissions about why I’m not getting emails or not…

So my glitch screen only appears for a split second, not long enough to click on anything but it does say “requested deferral” up in the right corner and then half down under “rolled over” it says yes and under “start year” it says 0. So they does not sound promising. I did receive the email last Friday announcing the release date.

I went even further and did inspect element and I was able to find something that said “Please submit your enrollment deposit payment.”

@CMH2024 That screen flashes so briefly there isn’t enough time to click anything, how are you seeing that?

@fitness40 If you hit the “print button” when the screens flashes you can view the page for unlimited time, but you have to click fast lol


@Fitness40 It still works if you do it when the screen appears that shows the received materials.

@CMH2024 does it say “start year-0” for you?

Okay so I did it, and managed to click on “print” before it disappeared. The print version basically just shows what what on the pdf version of my common app. A new thing, is during the half-second of the glitch under “print” is “request deferral”. @CMH2024 How do you see inspect element with all the things once the received materials page shows up? I just see the coding for the actual page. Also, once I clicked on print, it still switched to the normal page, it didn’t stay.

@Fitness40 Yes

Mine says “no” under rolled over. Anyone know what that means?

@soupdumplings As far as anyone knows, nobody can tell what “rolled over” means. Mine says “yes” though. Do you have the “request deferral” under print?

@izrk02 Yes, I do