American University RD 2024

hello! i applied regular decision to american (i wish they had early action) and my mom recently called the admissions office to ask when their admitted student days are (april 17) and then they also said that decisions will be released on march 15! thought i would start a page after learning this info :slight_smile:

This is a top choice for S20, so we will wait along with you. 3/15 seems very far away still.

AHHH I’m tired of waiting can it just be march already!!!

I’m really hoping I get into AU it’s my top choice!!!

I googled the decision date and it says that students who applied by the January deadline will be notified of their admissions decision today!

can you put the link where you got that info?

Oh! I was mistaken. Early Decision II applicants hear back today. Regular decision applicants hear back April 1. (scroll all the way down)

yes ED2 decisions were released on Feb 13th :smile:

Is this going to be the first year American sends decisions out electronically, because in the past they’ve always mailed them, but it seems like for both ED rounds they were sent through the portal.

yes I believe so when I emailed admissions they said they’d send out rd on the 16th of March and post the decision on the portal then or a few days before


march 16th official date?

Update for everyone: email just went out saying decisions will be released the week of the 16th. All special programs will be released at the same time.

If they’re saying the “week of” the 16th, what is the most likely day of that week? The Friday?

@cannolicannoli There’s no telling. Based on last year, it’ll likely be the 16th, but there’s no official date.

Last year they were mailed on Monday the 18th. Maybe that means they will be mailed then? I wonder if they’ll be posted to the portal like ED?

@CMH2024 Acceptances will not be mailed this year. They will be announced on the Future Eagle portal.

hi everyone, i was trying to access my future eagle portal this morning and something very odd happened(i am a regular decision applicant). when i clicked on “action/view” i noticed that before the normal page of required supplemental documents came up, there was a new section called “review” where i saw all my common app information rolled over which was super weird. on this tab, i was able to see certain information of mine labeled with codes, such as my race, place of birth, honors, current classes, gpa etc. when i scrolled all the way to the bottom of this “review” page, i found a section called “administration” where under something called “plan to enroll” it said “counselor is interested in learning more about the common app”. i’m assuming this is some sort of glitch and i got a glimpse into the current state of my file, and this is a comment one of the admissions officers made but that might be a stretch idk. has this happened to anyone else? do you notice this screen in the split second before the normal portal loads after you press “view”?

Where my Kogod kids at?

I am not seeing this.