American University

This past year, American’s acceptance rate plummeted from 46 to 35. I thought I was in good standing to get accepted, but now I’m getting worried as no site has shown the average GPA, scores, extracurriculars etc. of the new class.
Could anyone help me out? Thank you so much!!

Google the Common Data Set (CDS) to get the 2014-15 numbers.

Thank you!!!

Look at section C of the CDS. This document is available for most US colleges, BTW. Use them widely in your college search.

It appears to me that the 2014-2015 CDS is last year’s admission data (cohort starting their 2nd year this fall). The heading for Section C states that the data refers to students enrolling Fall 2014.

I think that the lower acceptance rate would show up in the 2015-2016 CDS. I don’t know when they publish these things each year.

Anyway, very limited data for the cohort starting Fall 2015 appears on the AU website here:

Admitted Student Profile for Fall 2015
•GPA Middle 50%: 3.50—4.00 (school reported)
•SAT Middle 50%: 1180—1360 (critical reading and mathematics)
•ACT Middle 50%: 27—31

Good luck, gabriellafilardi! Make sure that you visit the school. They put a lot of weight on that factor.