American vs. BU vs. Skidmore vs. Franklin and Marshall Spring Admit

<p>After a fairly successful admissions season (also accepted to Emerson, Goucher and University of Puget Sound, Franklin and Marshall spring admit), I’ve narrowed down my options to these three. I know they’re very different schools, so I’m having a difficult time deciding. I’m interested in studying communications and possibly writing for school publications. Money is not playing a role in my decision, thankfully. </p>

<p>BU: I’m in the College of General Studies and would then transfer the school of communications. Does anyone know anything about CGS? I like it because it’s small, but I’m kind of worried about the preset curriculum and that I would be seen as a “second class citizen” by kids in other programs. My main problem with BU is its large size and lack of campus. I go to a small high school and am used to small classes and knowing all my teachers and classmates. I’m worried the transition might be a little scary. </p>

<p>American: My mom went there, so I know the most about it. I’m also visiting and staying overnight in a dorm this week. I like that it has a campus but is in a city, but I’m a little concerned that the kids aren’t like me. I’m not really into politics and am more or less a normal kid. I’m also concerned its communication program isn’t as good as BU’s. </p>

<p>Skidmore: This is almost out of the running because it doesn’t have a communications major, but my college counselor thinks it’s the best option for me because of its small size. I have a pretty good friend who got in ED1, but I’m worried this also has a very limited type of student. Also, I’m not sure what I would major in since I really don’t think I want to study anything else. </p>

<p>Thanks in advance! I know I can’t go wrong, but I’d like to go as right as possible.</p>