America's vanishing science jobs

<p>since we are sharing articles I thought I'd contribute some for prospective chem majors hoping to get into pharmaceuticals/medical research.</p>

<p>[Vanishing</a> science jobs--Josh Bloom -</p>

<p>add to that pressure from moral cretin's like Eli Lilly's CEO claiming h1-b caps need to go away because there is a shortage of scientists hindering big pharma (quite a shock to the tens of thousands of scientists pharma laid off the past few years).</p>

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<p>It's all because of the liberal left. The left are hell bent on doing away with chemical plants, oil pipelines, hydrofracking operations, anything that deals with Carbon emissions, or research that is "detrimental" to the environment( this includes research for pharmaceuticals, as the left and it's buddies the EPA and radical environmentalist groups claim that the chemicals get into the water supply). All of these industries hire scientists, but due to government regulations, they cannot do research and therefore end up having to lay off scientists. Meanwhile, you have failed projects like Solyndra, due to the Chinese undervaluing their currency, and selling solar panels for extremely cheap, meaning they basically have the market monopolized. Nuclear energy, one of the biggest alternative energy sources, is constantly being assaulted for it's negative side effects. But they fail to realize that if we can perfect fusion, it'll be much safer and than the current fission reactors. Not only that, but you would only need a minute amount of uranium to create enough energy for many people.</p>