Amherst College 2021 Transfer Thread

Hi everyone,

Perhaps this is a bit premature, but I decided to start this transfer thread for Amherst, Fall 2021.

How are your applications going?

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I just got accepted for Spring 2021, I’d be happy to answer any questions!
GPA: 3.91
College: Community College
SAT/ACT: Not Submitting
Major: Philosophy
Extracurriculars: Political organizer, philosophy summer programs, Ethics Bowl national competitor, Honors Thesis

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bumping this bc i’m applying to transfer for fall 2021 as well! anyone else out there?


Hey all, awaiting transfer decision. Never asked before, anyone have an idea of my chances?

35 year old returning CC student. First generation. Broken home(was mostly with my mother), who was a Finnish and Indian immigrant. Diligent student until high school where I fell into substance abuse, finished with a 2.2 HS GPA. My dean of students helped me get into William Paterson University based on my SATs. Tried to stay sober on my own, first semester I made dean’s list. Eventually I relapsed. Registered there and BMCC from 2003-2008, ended up with a bunch of W’s and E’s.

Eventually found recovery. Strong reader. Worked in restaurants for 20 years. Involved in housing activism–formed my tenant association and we ended up getting a new law passed in NYS. I testified in front of the Senate. Helped with the formation of the Housing Justice 4 All network responsible for the extension of the 2019 rent laws. Lots of community work. Started my own project with community land trusts and studying their formation in Oaxaca, Mexico, to help guide us here in the city.

At Kingsborough Community College now: 3.98 GPA. Transferred in 16 credits from William Paterson and took 47 credits in 2020, mostly honors, Span 1 and 2, Economics, Comp 1 and 2, Bio for bio majors etc. Enrolled in ACT the night before and didn’t study so scored a 28, not submitting. PTK, Vice president of leadership. Honors Assembly rep. CUNY Research Scholars program with a project on 421-tax abatement. Stellar recs from my Philosophy, English and Poli Sci Professors. And creative writing teacher as well. On verge of starting a family.

Is 2 or 3 recs the best number? Any chance to get in this place? It’s my dream school. Applying to a lot of colleges because it’s such a crazy year. Thanks!

Do we know what day we are getting the results?

hey, did u just get an email saying that the decision will come this week, or did u get some other email as well?

Yes I did get an email stating the release of the decision for later this week. What other email are you talking about?

Don’t know if it’s just me but I got a second email titled “Action Required: What name would you like us to use?” which said “in preparation for our Fall Transfer admission decision release later this week, we want to double check with you regarding your Chosen Name”. I don’t think it’s indicative of anything - they probably just want to get peoples’ preferred names right on the decision letter.

Yes, I have received this too and thought the same thing. It is not indicative of something.

I’m waiting on that decision notification. My guess is they’ll be sent out today or tomorrow. Super nervous.

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Accepted, still kind of shocked.

Only thing I need to clarify is marital status to get my fin aid package. Married 03/27 but did not file paperwork yet—anyone have any idea about their financial aid offers?

Received a full ride to Bard, so finances definitely concern.

Good luck to everyone!

You should be fine. Amherst meets full demonstrated need using no-loan financial aid packages.

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Just got my acceptance letter. I’m beyond excited!!!
Is anyone interested in creating a messenger/Instagram group chat for admitted xfer students?

Neuroscience major here!

Congrats, everyone!!

Congrats!! I’m interested, English/Phil/politics here. What’s the best messenger platform to use?

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Were all decisions released today or are they rolling?

Shoot me an email and we can figure out how to set it up!

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well done for getting accepted! I’m a little confused though, my letter said class of 2025 when I am currently in my freshman year. Was this the same for everyone else? I’m an international transfer so I am concerned my coursework may have been incorrectly equated. I should be the class of 2024.

Did you receive your transfer credit evaluation? It’s possible you didn’t have or they didn’t accept enough of your current courses for you to be deemed a first semester sophomore. How many classes did you take this year?

Interesting! My acceptance came with a note about transfer credit evaluation and they put me as the class of 2023, as a first semester Junior. I almost wish I had been evaluated as a Sophomore, since time goes fast, depending on what the Fin AID comes out to; you can petition for an extra semester. I’d like to double major but that’s not a valid reason for having an extra semester.

DId you take courses that are comparable to the Amherst catalogue? Congrats on acceptance!