amherst economics?

<p>anyone know anything about how strong the econ department is at amherst?</p>

<p>i know its one of the most popular majors, so it must be pretty strong</p>

<p>the econ dept is very strong--i took intro this fall and loved it. prof barbezat is supposed to be phenomenal. check out the dept website.</p>

<p>yeah i've heard about professor barbezat and i really hope i get him. looking at where the other professors got their degrees i wouldn't at all be dissapointed getting any of them! i guess i was a little skeptical at first because a friend told me that she got a very "emily dickinson" feel from the school, as if it's only strength is its english department. i'm really beginning to get annoyed with some of my peers though. when i tell them that i picked amherst from a list of schools i got accepted to that includes gtown, dartmouth and brown, they they scrunch up their nose and ask "why are you going there," when in actual fact, amherst is by far academically the best of all my acceptances.</p>

<p>if that's their response, just smile and laugh internally at their ignorance. you made the right choice.</p>