Amherst, target school with 3.88 gpa?

<p>I'm a sophomore at Amherst as a math major with a 3.88 gpa. How would getting an IB internship be like?</p>

<p>If companies come on campus, drop your resume with them this upcoming fall/winter. If they don't, network network network.</p>

<p>Depends on how good you are at interviews. Since you are a math major at a liberal arts school it is going to be a lot of fit questions.</p>

<p>Firms won't always give you the benefit of the doubt just because you aren't a business major. I'm a math and econ major and I still got the technical questions the business majors got.</p>

<p>You've definitely got a good GPA, have a quantitatively demanding major and attend a good school. You're in pretty good shape on the surface, but I would recommend, first and foremost that you start networking ahead of the resume drops for your upcoming junior year. Having some support from alumni at the IBs will definitely help you to get your foot in the door (on that same note, you will also want to make sure that your resume in looking very good and error free). </p>

<p>Moving past networking, you will want to make sure your interview skills are good and that you are ready to tackle the fit questions FOR SURE. You will wan to know why IB, why that bank, why your school, why your major, how your major has prepared you for banking, leadership, strengths, weaknesses and all of the rest. Additionally, as a math major, you will want to be prepared for brain teaser questions testing your reasoning and analytical problem solving skills - such as the bowling balls in the Chrysler building question. </p>

<p>Finally, although you are not a finance/accounting, you should not think you are exempt from finance/accounting questions. No, you probably won't be grilled on accretion/dilution or weighted average cost of capital, but you should know the basics - the 3 financial statements, what each tells and what each is composed of would definitely help at the very least.</p>

<p>Feel free to PM me if you have any other questions and good luck.</p>


<p>I'm a little confused. You say you are at Amherst, but in other threads you say you are at Berkely and yet on others at a Community College. Which is it?</p>

<p>Looks like GA2012MOM has discovered a troll or a pathological liar.
***** = denotes discrepancies </p>

<p>October 18, 2009

gpa: going to be 3.56 (got all A's from junior year and on)
sat: 2250
act: 35
APs: I have 7 aps and got the award
was in a business summer program during summer of freshman year.</p>

<p>Lead our class in making a benefit concert that raised $7000 to sponsor students from Africa to come study at the business program.</p>

<p>more advance program during summer of sophomore year.</p>

<p>Taught at the summer program I went to as a freshman.</p>

<p>Lead class in raising over $10000 with a benefit concert for same purpose.</p>

<p>Intern for the VP of Bank of America in the New Jersey region.</p>

<p>Intern for the congressman of New Jersey.</p>

<p>Key Club Bulletin Editor
Won Distinguished Bulletin Editor (highest award you can get from key club for that position)</p>

<p>Won best website from the state for key club</p>

<p>really good letter of recs from teachers and guidance counselor that I knew since the 7th grade (our schools a middle and high school combined)</p>

<p>God Essay...English teacher said it was one of the best she saw in her career</p>

<p>AMC Finalist
AIME Finalist
USAMO Participant</p>

<p>9th grade: i had like a 2.96 and 3.2
10th grade: 3.5/ 3.5
11th grade: 4.0/4.0
senior: going to get 4.0</p>

<p>I really want to go here.
Should I do ED or just RD?</p>

<p>will all of the math and engineering e.c. help if I just apply to Wharton?


<p>February 2, 2010

I plan on taking the June Sat 1 (second time) but I cant break 1800. I am planning on applying to HPYS schools so I need to raise it alot. How do you do so?</p>

<p>P.S. I've been practicing almost everyday but still dont see improvement.


<p>February 11, 2010

I'm a junior right now
GPA: going to be 3.5 by end of 1st sem senior year
ACT: 35
Activities: Robotics (Programer)
Key Club (Webmaster)
started own nonprofit and raised over $50,000 (and yes I did this with no adult help)
5 Aps
Interested in Computer Science</p>



<p>First discrepancy is I know some people do better on SAT/ACT, but I don't know anyone who can't break 1800 but receive a 35. Second, he states earlier he got a 2250. Third, he went from taking 7 Aps to 5 Aps (is possible). Another post he claims he is freshman at a CCC and a sophomore at a CCC.</p>

<p>You could probably unravel hundreds of lies about standardized test scores, grade level, if he is in college, college attending, etc.</p>

<p>Well then this kid is just an obscurely ridiculous individual. Normally people lie for some sort of benefit. I don't know w t f he's trying to accomplish.</p>

<p>Side note: BoB -- aren't you a FT BB Analyst? How do you have time to run your own site and post on all these different message boards?</p>

<p>I've actually cut back much more than I'd like due to some time constraints - unfortunately, I am nowhere near able to support myself through the site alone so far. In terms of posting, they usually come in quick spurts when I've got down time. </p>