Amherst vs Swarthmore vs Bowdoin

<p>I will be ED-ing either of these 3 schools (Amherst, Swarthmore, Bowdoin). Which one is easier to get in? I am an international student and I will need financial aid.</p>

<p><em>Smirk</em> Naive high schooler.</p>

<p>They're all pretty tough my boy. </p>

<p>Financial aid is going to be slim because of your international status, but each of those three is going to be pretty generous considering.</p>

<p>I guess it is possible for somebody to say which one of the three is the "easiest" to get into when looking at raw, empirical data; however, those are some of the TOP liberal arts colleges in the nation. I guess you could technically say Bowdoin would be the "easiest" to receive acceptance out of the three. I also would not advise ED on the sole basis of playing the admissions game. I'm an upcoming senior in high school, and so badly am tempted to ED to Cornell. Is it absolutely the best choice for me? Maybe, but I'm not for sure. I think it is better to apply to a range of schools, all of which you could see yourself excelling and being happy. In a nutshell, apply RD to ALL THREE!! They are all amazing schools. Although I must admit, Amherst is near the top of my list ;) ha</p>

<p>Amherst is the only of the three which is need blind to international students, so your need of finaid won't be a problem. However, (I would say, at least) it's the hardest to get into of the three.</p>

<p>Ahem Bowdoin Ahem</p>