Amount of Clothing

<p>I was wondering how much of each type of clothing(underwear, shorts, t-shirts, etc) would you guys estimate to bring.</p>

<p>I only wear things like jeans and t-shirts once between washings, so I say at least 10 pairs of everyday pants you'll wear to class, 15-20 shirts(long and short sleeve) so you aren't wearing the same one too often, 4-6 hoodies, a light jacket, 1-2 heavy coats (if necessary), 1-2 pairs of flipflops(more if you are in a warm climate), 2-3 pairs of sneakers, 1-2 pairs of boots(if necessary), no less than 15 pairs of underwear and socks(more pairs if you sleep in socks).</p>

<p>I agree with above. I would bring more socks because you're always going to lose some in the dryer.</p>

<p>I would bring enough clothes for at least 2 weeks for each season, as most people won't be doing laundry every week in college. Extra socks, underwear, etc though.</p>

<p>Bring LOTS of underwear and socks, about 3 weeks worth but for other stuff it depends on how much you re-wear things. I wear jeans 2 or 3 times before washing (not in a row), so I don't need that many. I have 5 pair I think, along with a bunch of shorts (most of the shorts are the athletic/lounge-y kind though, I only have like 4 shorts that aren't). I have a TON of shirts and tops, because I rarely re-wear shirts before washing, unless I only wore it for a couple hours and not a whole day, or if it's something I sleep in. I have lots of t-shirts mainly and some tank tops, but also a few dressier tops for like going out and stuff. But I'm a girl, so yeah.</p>

<p>Let's see, 65 pairs of socks should be about right?;)</p>

<p>I've got probably 15 pairs of underwear, more than enough socks as mentioned above, probably going to take like 12 t-shirts. I'm planning to take like 15-20 polo shirts and a bunch of undershirts for those. A couple pairs of khaki pants, 6 or 7 pairs of khaki shorts, some athletic shorts, and then I've got 3 full windsuits that i'm going to take along with probably 4 hoodies.</p>

<p>Let me tell you something. Most all of my friends and I have had this conversation and agree that we all brought more clothes than we ever wore. Bring tons of socks/underwear/undershirts but don't go crazy on the clothes because chances are you'll end up not wearing a lot of them.</p>

<p>Just bring whatever you normally wear at home, plus some things for special occasions/work/other non-class events.</p>

<p>would it be stupid to bring like a full suit (I dunno...maybe something will come up where you have to look really professional)?</p>

<p>No, you could need it for an internship interview or something. It's only stupid if you wear it to class.</p>

<p>well, it depends on 3 things -</p>

<p>how often do you want to do your laundry?
how big do you want your laundry pile to get?
how much do you want to rewear your clothes?</p>

<p>personally I brought lots of underwear/socks, about 10 shirts, and about 6 pairs of pants and did my laundry every 2 weeks or so. also I brought a full suit and obviously some pajamas as well :)</p>

<p>Honestly, I brought way too many clothes, but since I go to school so far away from home (I go to school in Boston but live in south florida), I don't know what else I could have done. Whatever I didn't wear at all during the year I donated to a shelter before I moved out in the spring semester. I plan on doing the same thing this year. </p>

<p>If you know you aren't going to be going home often, bring whatever you think you'll need and things that you wear regularly. Everyone brings too much stuff, you don't need to prove you're the most efficient packer on your floor (unless you're flying and space for packing is a premium).</p>