Amount of Work/Social Life

<p>Can anyone comment on the amount of work at Cornell and how it is balanced with social life (frat parties on thurs, fri, sat, other social things, etc)...I know the reputation is that Cornell is much easier to get in than to say in, but how much truth is there to this? Would you consider Cornell one of the most rigorous schools in the nation?</p>

<p>Cornell is definitely one of the most rigorous, especially in the science and engineering majors. The key to being able to have an active social life is to be intelligent and to be able to adapt to all of the work. Since there is a lot of work you can't spend too much time on one class, and some profs act like their class is the only one in your schedule. So if you are flexible you can have the best of both worlds.</p>

<p>During the week you will have no social life. (Or at least I don't, but I'm also on a Varsity sport) Then Thurs night some people go out, depending on when their classes are on Friday, but there is deffinately enough time that you will have time to go out and party on the weekends. Cornell is famous for its frat parties and people come from colleges all around to come to the parties here. I don't know anyone who has like no work, although hotelies tend to have less, Science and Engineering have ALOT and Architecture students have the worst amount. Actually Archies are the exception to the "have time to go out" thing. Every Fri and Sat night when I'm going out to parties I pass the Archie buildings and they are FULL of students finishing projects. They are ALWAYS working. Theres a girl down the hall from whos an Archie and we never see her, its sad :-( But for everyone else, there is a good balance, Cornell is deff a fun school :-)</p>