AMP Global Scholar

I’ve heard a lot about the program AMP Global Scholar, but I’m looking for more information on it. If you’re an alum, would you recommend it, and why? Thanks!

To put it in simple terms, my time at AMP Global Youth was a blast and the highlight of my summer! I am so grateful that the AMP staff put so much effort into making the online experience engaging, despite the circumstances and I get the sense that other scholars felt the same way. AMP did a great job of finding engaging and educational speakers who were able to bring their stories to us, in hopes that we, as the world’s youth, could carry on the values of those fighting for important issues. Not only did AMP staff create an environment where scholars were listening and engaged but they were also smart in getting scholars to assist with seminar facilitation which really brought us into the AMP community. Things got even more exciting when we were able to go to Washington, D.C. I was surrounded by people who were just as excited to not only learn from everything there is to see in the city but also by people who were eager to learn about what it means to be a global citizen. While I’ve heard about it before, I was fairly unfamiliar with the term global citizenship and when I learned more about it from AMP, I really learned the importance of it and what we can do to become better global citizens. Along with all of the great learning experiences, AMP was loads of fun! I was encouraged to come out of my comfort zone while still being surrounded by supportive people. I was glad that at the end of the session, I was able to present a project on a topic I am really passionate about (gun control) because if we, as global citizens, don’t express our thoughts, values, and ideas for the future, we won’t be able to create a better world for all. I am grateful to AMP for reminding me of this and teaching me a whole lot more.