AMSCO Review Book Enough for 800 in SAT U.S. History?

<p>I'm taking the SAT U.S. History test on Saturday June 5th. Is AMSCO (which is originally intended for APUSH) enough to get a perfect score on the test on Saturday. Thank you!</p>

<p>I'd like to know the answer to this too please :)</p>

<p>I would say yes. My APUSH class used the AMSCO review book throughout the year as a supplement to our textbook and with just minimal review from that I was able to get a 780. Had I studied more I could have definitely received an 800. It's possible, but depends on how much effort you put in and the foundation of information you already have.</p>

<p>I read REA (not crash course the other one), amsco, 5 steps to a 5, my AP American Pageant book and I still only got a 740. I'm taking it again on June 5 in the hopes that it was just a bad test for me bc that was my first ever standardized test.</p>

<p>^ I think you may have had way too much information to go through, which is why you did not perform as well as you might have. I suggest just using AMSCO and another book, or AMSCO if you're short on time/</p>

<p>I think the reason I did poorly is because a lot of the questions were very esoteric and I KNOW I never read anything about them. For example, a question on Cesar Chavez, whom I'd never heard of, and gerrymandering, which I later came across the answer I my APHuG material. So I was glad that I had read a broad range of material. Also, a lot of the test material is based on interpretation and opinions. So I guess a lot of it is luck (question info and how closely your interpretation corresponds with theirs) and I am hoping so very much for better "luck" next time...800 pleaseeeeee :)</p>

<p>^interesting. Good Luck on your retake! 800 all the way :)</p>

<p>I read PR, did Barron's flashcards, and read 2 online cram packets. Here's the links:
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<p>I got 800 easy. I finished the test 30 min early</p>

<p>i'm reading the AMSCO book for the second time and it definitely helps. it covers every topic in detail and also with a good amount of analysis. no other review book is as comprehensive</p>

<p>Thank you Snapshot for the links, will definitely review those.</p>

<p>Unless you love studying or have no friends, do yourself a favor and just read through AMSCO. You really don't need anything else.</p>

<p>I suggest you study with sparknotes.
AMSCO goes into way too much detail.
Read over AMSCO, then use sparknotes to review.</p>

<p>AMSCO is the best. Read it. While it is detailed, unfortunately some of the questions on the SAT II are VERY detailed, and AMSCO contains that level of detail without being completely overwhelming. I would strongly suggest AMSCO.</p>

<p>I'm wondering how Sparknotes is?</p>

<p>No one seems to use it, but I find it's a really good review.</p>

I read REA (not crash course the other one), amsco, 5 steps to a 5, my AP American Pageant book


<p>That's disgusting...</p>

<p>^ hey :( Its not like I read those all right before the test...mostly throughout the year because it was impossible to get A's on the tests with just the textbook. Plus I hate reading the same prep book twice</p>