An American's Chance?

<p>So I'm from Virginia but I'm really interested in UBC, it's a great school and I'd like to know if I stand a chance. Also, what's a better school if I'm looking into pre-med or biochemistry: Mcgill, or UBC?</p>

<p>ACT: 31
SAT: 2030
CR: 670, Math: 700, Writing: 660
SAT II: US History: 780; Math I: 630 :/
GPA: weighted: 4.1; Unweighted: 3.75*</p>

<p>Total of 8 AP courses over last three years and toughest courseload available at HS.</p>

Secretary of French Honor Society
3 year member NHS
3 year member of Journalism Honor Society-Quill and Scroll
3 years volleyball team
3 years nationally ranked school newspaper (Asst. Views editor, Academics Editor, In-Depth Editor)
Editor-in-chief of award-winning literary magazine
Honorable Mention in Prose design for VSHL Literary Magazine
Vice-President and Co-founder of Animal Welfare club
AP Scholar w/ Honor
2-time Academic letter
Part-time job</p>

<p>*county changed grading system this year, previously a 6-pt scale, now 7-pt. with added weights to honors courses (.5) and APs (1.0), hence the inflation.</p>


<p>Well. I'm a Canadian. So I don't know how it differs from applying internationally. But you would definitely get in if you are a Canadian and had those stats. You probably don't have to do anything more to get in. I know for sciences they don't care about ECs so just keep your marks up. </p>

<p>If you want to go to graduate school (PhD/MS in biochemistry) then I would pick McGill. I would pick UBC for pre-med.</p>

<p>i think youve got a great chance your stats are much better than mine and im applying as a california resident, may i ask why your interest of canadian schools</p>

<p>I think with those grades I would recommend Mcgill, As it is the top school in Canada. Some label it the canadian ivy :) Your grades are excellent</p>

I know for sciences they don't care about ECs so just keep your marks up.


<p>UBC sciences uses broad based admissions, so yes, more than grades will help you get in. But your record looks solid for UBC or McGill. It will make no difference where you go for either of your career possibilities.</p>

<p>I don't think asking students in HS about this issue makes sense.</p>

<p>I think you more or less guaranteed with a profile like that.</p>

<p>Both are good but very tough.</p>