An Argument

<p>Okay, so I got into Syracuse (Yay, I know!) and it is my top choice school. I loved the school when I went to visit it. I love the school and the feeling of the campus. However, my parents are uneasy about letting me go. They are happy I got in but they want me to give a concise argument about why I want to go. I don't know how to word it.I'll list things that I like about it.</p>

<li>The feel of campus.</li>
<li>The cooler weather (I live in the South and I hate the heat).</li>
<li>The location</li>
<li>The academics</li>
<li>The academic opportunities</li>
<li>The student organizations (many opportunities in things I like such as theatre even if I am not in the theatre program)</li>
<li>It has everything that I could possibly be interested in majoring/pursuing in college.</li>

<p>What can I do more to convince them?</p>

<p>Why are they uneasy? WHat is their argument? What are your other options? Your arguments are fine, but probably can be applied to a lot of other schools as well.</p>

<p>In all honesty, as a parent, if I allow my kids to apply to a certain school, I think I have to let them go if they choose to do so UNLESS there are real financial or logistic issues with their decision.</p>

<p>Is it the distance that bothers them or do they think there is a better school for you?</p>

<p>If it is the former then you tell them that you will keep in touch with them regularly. A quick email, a text message, or a daily phone call (do it on your way to class that way you can get off quickly with a good excuse and you will have made your mom's day - trust me on this) If you keep an open dialogue with them and some way for them to know you are alive and breathing, you will keep them at ease. Sit down with them right now and plan out your visits home and their visits to you. </p>

<p>If it is the latter, you need to do some work comparing and contrasting between what they want and what you want. Do it fairly and in the end explain that the "comfort factor" has to weigh in. You want to be happy where you go because that affects performance. </p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>I must say I am glad other parents are like me! We always have our kids write an essay if they really want something....many reasons why we do it. Anyway, I would not just list because they could say "why that location". What is the feel you like so much-you can see yourself walking the quad, admiring the beauty of Hendricks Chapel? Sitting on the "kissing bench" senior year with the man of your dreams? Cheering on the amazing Orange in the Dome? The incredible contacts made to get a good job out of college? </p>

<p>Are you the oldest? It can be very difficult to see a child move so far away when there are options closer (my oldest is in Colorado and we live in Syracuse!) </p>

<p>I agree with Handemom in that I wouldn't allow my child to apply to schools I wasn't comfortable with them attending. Also, it is a big decision where to spend the next 4 years, and they might just want to make sure you have thought it through.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>