An Honest Estimate Please

<p>Sorry about the double-post. I have a Yale-specific version under that related forum section, but this is for general schools. My apologies to anyone who encounters this twice.</p>

<p>I thank you in advance for responding to my inquiry. It is much appreciated.</p>

<p>Anyways, before I launch into what credentials, or lack thereof, depending on your view, I may have, I just want to give an overview, as seems customary on these forums:</p>

<p>Rising Senior
Ethnicity: Asian
Gender: Male
Rank: 7/431
Grades/Transcript Overview: Mixture of A's and A+'s, with one B+ in Freshman gym, and another B+ in Freshman, Semester 1 French II. AP (so far) are two in Sophomore year, AP Stats and AP Comp Sci, and five in Junior year, AP Lang and Comp, AP Physics, AP Chemistry, AP Calc BC, and AP Gov.<br>
GPA: 4.478 Cum, albeit our school has an odd, odd grading scale and is also weighted based on Standard vs. Honors vs. AP Classes
SAT: 800 Math, 800 Writing (12 essay), 740 Reading, 2340 total
ACT: 36 Math, 35 English (9 essay, but not factored in), 35 Reading, 36 Science, 36 total
SAT II: 800 Math II, 770 Chemistry, 770 US History</p>

Academic Challenge/Academic Bowl
Newspaper Editor
Debate Team
Violin (5 years now)
Piano (11 years now)</p>

Academic Challenge/Academic Bowl team won numerous awards regionally
Orchestra was given top marks at state competition
Violin: Junior-Level regional champion, state runner-up at competition, several other awards, Concertmaster of Orchestra
Piano: 11 Years Consecutive Superior Rating, many other awards for performance</p>

Yearly in Soup-Kitchens
Weekly as Chinese School SAT Course Teacher's Assistant
Weekly during summer at hospital
Three-week summer camp "counselor" (many different duties)
Total is anywhere from 400-500 hours</p>

6-week internship at Fudan University State Key Laboratory in Summer 2009, in Shanghai, China
Summer-long research internship at Akron City Hospital</p>

<p>Work Experience:
Computer hardware and software maintenance/repair
Landscaping during summer (rarely nowadays due to internship/volunteering)</p>

Oh, geez. Where do I start? Well, there's not too much to say. I, in essence, bombed Freshman year quite horrendously, and have been playing catch-up in Sophomore and Junior years since then. I did make the decision of taking SAT II US History despite not having a history course this year, for the sake of variety, not that I think it honestly matters. I have gotten 5's for my sophomore AP's, but I have not heard back on Junior year AP's yet. </p>

<p>Admittedly, my resume's a bit bare, and all in all, this package is quite lacking. I'd imagine that being Asian is not of much help either. I'm really just looking for an honest estimate.</p>

<p>Could I also have some input as to my chances at the following?
Ohio State University
Case Western University
Northwestern University
University of Chicago
Johns Hopkins
University of Pennsylvania
Rice University
Yale University</p>

<p>Once again, thank you for having read through this painfully lengthy "overview". I appreciate any and all comments and ideas. I hope you have all enjoyed the July 4th weekend; thanks again!</p>

<p>My PSAT was a 226, and I'm in Ohio, if it matters.</p>

<p>In at Case Western and OSU. Most likeley in at Northwestern. Very high chances at Rice and JHU. Your reaches are U of Chicago (due to their vast increase in selectivity lately) UPenn and Yale, all of which are in your reach assuming a sound subjective side to your applications. Good luck!</p>

<p>ACT practically grants you admissions, very few if any 36 people get turned down at their Ivies/top schools
that said your EC are excellent
instead of a praisefest ill also say that you dont have any leadership positions or athletics listed. athletics isnt that important but LEADERSHIP IS HUGE! at most of the schools you listed
but agian test scores and other ECs will might let admission officers overlook these gaps</p>

<p>^ Not true. Having a 36/2400 does not grant admission to any top schools. Look through the decisions threads on CC. There are quite a few 2400/36 students that are rejected.</p>

<p>About 40% of 2400/36 get accepted, which is higher than 10% (the average).</p>

<p>That still means 60% get rejected...</p>

<p>I'm inclined to agree that my test scores do not guarantee anything. However, I thank everyone who has responded so far, and welcome any more responses. I was hoping to be "chanced", so to speak, so that would be much appreciated.</p>

<p>You're in at OSU, Case Western, Northwestern, and Rice.
UChicago, UPenn, JHU, are slight reaches.</p>

<p>just to qualify my earlier statement
the word 'practically' was inserted before grants
the intended meaning to be that his chances are expotentially increased over
students with 34-35 or 2200-2300</p>

his chances are expotentially increased over students with 34-35 or 2200-2300


<p>While an increase in scores can only help an applicant, having a high score alone will not exponentially increase chances. I'd wager that an individual on the U.S. math team with a 34 would fare better in the admissions process than another applicant with a 36. If you look at the actual decisions threads, you'll find that plenty of applicants with strong, but not perfect, scores gain admission into reputable schools.</p>

<p>Chaces are certainly much better than tthose of a 34/2200, but as noted above, the majority, even with top scores, are rejected.</p>

<p>I'd like to say sorry before I do this, but...
bump. And maybe another bump for good measure.</p>