An IB student:

<p>Dear all CC'ers,</p>

<p>I have a question that really is causing me alot of stress, I do not know whether I should continue with the IB diploma and have 4 B's and 2 A's or take the American Diploma and get A's. In my school IB is not weighted junior year. Only HL are given one extra point during senior year. So all my 80's-89 are 3.0.</p>

<p>A little bit about me: American Natural Citizen (Virginia residency)
Race: Asian American
High school Junior at a Department of Defense School overseas. My current Junior Year GPA of 1st semester is: 3.3 This is coming from a student who had 3.9 GPA freshman and 3.77 GPA sophmore. But my GPA is 3.3 because of six IB classes:
English HL A
Arabic HL B
Biology HL B
History SL B
Math SL B

<p>My PSAT was not good: 145, I plan to study and take SAT in May hopefully shooting for 2100+
EC's: Life Scout (soon to be eagle)
National Honors Society
Going to Germany for an International Leadership Seminar
Taking Arabic HL despite being non Arab.
Model United Nations: 2 years in VA area then Junior Year going to Ireland for an MUN conference there
Volunteering: 150 hours
First Summer Job: Working on Navy Base overseas as Admin assistant, speaker, and Arabic Tutor. </p>

<p>Now with these attributes besides the SAT, do you think I have a chance with the schools that I plan to apply to:
UVA, U Penn, Carnegie Mellon, Georgetown, William and Mary University, Williams College, University of Chicago, New York University
Safety: V-Tech, GMU, any other safety's that accept the IB diploma?
Do they value and understand how rigorous this two year Holistic program is? I mean I could easily take a couple AP's such as AP calc and AP econ junior year and take IB certificates. Ultimately I am taking the IB diploma because I have the opportunity to, but then I feel like my american friends are going the american route with the American diploma so I am really confused. </p>

<p>Will the colleges I mentioned above accept me even with my low GPA due to the rigidness of my classes? Will my E-C's be factored in? </p>

<p>If you got this far, I salute you!
Thank you for devoting your time and effort in reading my post.</p>

Can anyone answer my post....I am in dire need of an answer..</p>