An International student who majors in English

Hi, everyone. I’m an International student from China who is accepted by a Top 20 LAC. I’m passionate about English literature and Creative Writing(specially fictions). Among my fellow International students from China I’m indeed a rare breed. I had been studying in America for 3 years in a private day school and living by myself for most of the time. I loved studying here and my love for literature propels me to reach for higher education. While I’m full of expectation about my upcoming college life, the concern about my career prospect looms: can I find a job as an international student with a English degree?
My performance on AP literature and other English classes back in my high school impressed my teacher and classmates, so I’m pretty confident about my speech and writing when compared with native students. However, according to what I read on other threads, the result of applying for h1b is very unpredictable, and for this reason many corporations has become reluctant to hire International Students.

Considering such situation, my plan to major in English is under questions. Do you think it is possible for media industry, like Washington Posts or New Yorker, to sponsor a writer’s H1B? Though writing is unrestrained by geographical location, I’d be much appreciative for a “cultured” working environment like New York. If not, I may plan to pursue an English Literature PHD.

I think that if getting an H1B visa is a requirement for achieving your goals, you should study something that is more in demand.

There is another message board specifically for people seeking US visas–I think it is VisaJourney. I would go there with this question. They are very helpful and people know where to find lots of stats around visas granted, and legal nuances.

@“b@r!um” would have more information for you.

I believe that it would be tough for you to be sponsored since there are enough journalism and English majors competing for the few jobs available.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a decline in jobs:
If this trend continues, I’d think your chances for teaching English would work better in China.

I know this is a public forum, but you do have several errors in your writing of this post, that would be attributable to a non-native speaker. It would impact your chances even further.