an "is there a place for me?" thread...

<p>I hijacked another thread with this post a while ago and (justly) I don't think many people saw it...replies are greatly appreciated!</p>

<p>*um I also have a question for northstarmom and anyone else, what if your interest is very specialized, for example I am very interested in Latin, Greek, & Old English? I would LOVE to study these at harvard. The only accomplishments I forsee having are literary fluency & understanding in these three, the usual "national __ exam" awards, and college courses. If my test scores/grades are very good, ecs being library community service, karate, and one club "Best Practices" dealing with education at my high school, would I be seriously considered? Oh and er I am a legacy (not the major donation type.) If I am not what harvard is looking for, I know I'll be happy at many places I can get into, but it's really my dream school. Thanks to anyone for opinions. *</p>

<p>You might as well apply. I'm pretty sure Harvard has strong scholars in the areas in which you are interested. Applying to Harvard is hardly a sure thing for anyone, but you can't get in if you don't apply.</p>

<p>I agree with Tokenadult. The languages you listed should make you interesting to Classics and English departments. Harvard is strong in these areas; other colleges also have some great profs.</p>