an urgent help in math SAT

<p>HEYY.... i need someone to provide me with formula sheet for the SAT MATH .......pleaseeeeeeeeeee..... i need it ASAP...</p>

<p>thanks in advance..</p>

<p>its called Google</p>

<p>thanks for the reply... i've already tried to google it but the results was a confusing mix up of SAT1 AND SAT2 formula sheet that's why am asking for help uphere..... anyway thank you</p>

<p>I know I would sound absolutely dull
but formula sheets won't really help you
just buy a sat1 math workbook
and know the formulas as you solve the problems
in fact, I am pretty sure most sat math books
have one of those formula sheets at the end of them</p>

<p>thanks for help ....well i have the barron math study guide but the problem that it has some of the formula missing like the one for number sequence and pattern so i nedd to know if i have it all the way do you recommend a specific work book...thanks in advance =D</p>