Analogies for Top Colleges

<p>Here is the deal. You come up with life analogies to the social status/cachet associated with top colleges based on their personalities and stereotypes. Kinda weird, but if it works out, it could be interesting. </p>

<p>I am going to start with cars.</p>

<p>Harvard - Rolls Royce
Yale - Bentley (as much of a status symbol as RR, but a little more subtle)
Stanford - Ferrari (more fun than above)
MIT - MClaren Mercedes (the performance of one with the bling of the other)
UChicago - Ford GT (top performing but not as big of a deal)
Duke - Porsche (showoffy, but not a big deal)
Dartmouth - that weird Tesla high-performing thing</p>

<p>Feel free to change the school list and use whatever analogy you feel like (or same)...</p>

<p>Ooooh, I can so do purses.</p>

<p>Harvard - Louis Vuitton (the biggest name)
Yale - Chanel (also French, because they're twins but a little quieter)
Princeton - Bottega Veneta (Again, quiet, and preserves the same non-showy styles)
MIT - Hermes. JKJK, maybe Prada (Considering nylon, trying to have more utility, but considering the Fairy line, still showy)
UChicago - MiuMiu (same quirkiness as MIT, but less of a big deal)</p>

<p>I'm doing a Basketball Team</p>

<p>Harvard: The Flashy "Star". All the money, stats, and fame. Can do it in big time.
Yale: The "Star". Just professional, and has as much talent as the flashy star.
MIT: The playmaker, the overall brains, makes all the decisions.
Princeton: The classy untalented player/
Stanford: The hard-working white guy.</p>

Ooooh, I can so do purses.


you would :b Leave it to me to do HSLers</p>

<p>EDIT: that may have violated the TOS <_< I will do poets</p>

<p>Harvard - William Shakespeare (best known. Everyone tries to find someone better if they care enough to)</p>

<p>Yale - Johann Wolfgang von Goeth</p>

<p>Porsches aren't a big deal?? come on</p>

Yale - Johann Wolfgang von Goeth</p>

Porsches aren't a big deal?? come on


<p>Porsches, like Duke, aren't a big deal to the top 1% of people.</p>

<p>Lol, I liked the HSL one.</p>

<p>I'll do air- and spacecraft lol XD. Look up images of these things.</p>

<p>Harvard: Airbus A380 (the epitome of unnecessary flight luxury. you will never fly in one.)
Yale: Airbus A350 (not as awesome as the A380, but still top of the line).
Princeton: F/A-18 Hornet (current aircraft of the Blue Angels; very showy, very functional)
Stanford: The International Space Station (workin' hard in low-earth orbit, the best place almost off earth)
MIT: Stratocruiser Airship (still just a concept, but crazy as hell. plus, it's a gigantic airship.)
CalTech: Space shuttle (not as epic as an airship, but it'll take you to the moon and back. not to mention some of the most intriguing engineering concepts go into designing one).</p>

Lol, I liked the HSL one.


<p>I would have liked to see that. :)</p>

<p>So I was gonna do a movie one but all I could come up with that worked was Harvard as Casablanca, b/c the general consensus is that it's the best even though most people prefer other schools/movies.</p>

<p>But anyway, CelaPlusAimaple, Princeton's gotta be Fitzgerald.</p>

<p>^There isn't any general consensus that any movie is the best: Films</a> considered the greatest ever - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Casablanca, The Godfather, and Gone with the Wind would likely be among the top three for the general populace, however.</p>

<p>I'll do designer shoe's </p>

<p>Harvard - Louis Vuitton (Everyone know's it and it's the top status symbol & it is super exclusive)
Yale - Gucci (Just as good as LV but missing that umph)
Princeton - Chanel (Sophisticated)
MIT -Salvatore Ferragamo (Missing that sparkle, but it's still cute)
Stanford - Jimmy Choo (Well known for its sexiness)<br>
Columbia - Prada (Just as good as Gucci but less)
NYU - Miu Miu (Prada's little sister)
Brown - Alexander McQueen (Unique and creative)
Cornell - Christian Louboutin (Sexy yet classy)</p>

<p>^Aww, I was about to do that. But Louboutins would have been my tops I think, though I was looking at some $875 Choos today. I like your selections :).</p>

<p>To my credit Gone With The Wind won #1 in a poll in which Star Wars was #2. The Godfather was voted number one by Entertainment Weekly's readers, The Godfather #2 by TV Guide Readers.</p>

<p>But ok, I guess there isn't a consensus.</p>

<p>^There seems to be some level of consensus among filmmakers and critics that Citizen Kane is the best American film, so you could use it for Harvard, but everyone else hates it.</p>

<p>I'll do Bollywood movies although most people here would not have heard of them.</p>

<p>Harvard: Mughal e Azam (supposed to be the best, grandest and ostenatious)
Dartmouth: Hum Aapke Hai Kaun (it's a biig partaay)
Caltech/MIT: Mother India (serious and cult-like, takes itself seriously)
Yale: Devdas (same grandeur as Harvard but a little less dramatic)
UChicago: Arth, Shabana Azmi's movies basically - tooo intellectual
Stanford: Karan Johar's films e.g. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham (here to make money)</p>

<p>I'll do perfume designers...</p>

<p>Harvard: Coco Chanel (really well-known and classic)
Yale: Christian Dior (almost just as big)
Princeton: Yves St Laurent (like HY but a little less known)
Stanford: Gucci (Italian not French since it's West not East coast)
Columbia: Givenchy (similar to HYP though not as prestige)
MIT: Burberry (a little different to the rest)</p>

<p>I'll do mainstream rappers:</p>

<p>Harvard: Eminem-the best
Yale: Lil Wayne - some people think he is the best, but really isn't.<br>
Princeton: K. West - cocky
MIT: Immortal Technique - most technical
Stanford: 50 cent - Kinda a little bit of everything</p>

But anyway, CelaPlusAimaple, Princeton's gotta be Fitzgerald.


<p>lol just because he went there? UPenn would be stacked</p>


<p>Harvard: J.S. Bach - Absolutely brilliant technically and retains exceptional beauty. Well known by everyone. Also the "first of the greats."</p>

<p>Yale: Mozart - Very different to Bach but still amazing, stays with you for a long time and is "deeper" than it initially appears.</p>

<p>Princeton: Beethoven - Unmatched bravado, stays with your head forever.</p>

<p>Brown: Berlioz - Took a vastly different approach to a pre-established tradition and succeeded.</p>

<p>UChicago: Poulenc - Took bits of style from sources that run the gamut of the world. Combined them to create something original and ecclectic. People either love it or hate it.</p>

<p>Columbia: Schubert - Made up of the same ideas as comtemporaries and predecessors, but the result is very different.</p>

<p>Oxbridge: Tallis - As old as it gets, laid the foundations for everything that came after it. Only really thought of by those who are completely devoted to one area (in music that would be early church music in schools it can be any one subject)</p>

<p>MIT: Medehlsson - Owes a lot to it's predecessors, becoming more mainstream over time.</p>

<p>Caltech: Steve Reich - Started out hardcore, remains hardcore. Has spawned many imitators none of them are as "hardcore" though.</p>