analyzing critical reading

<p>is analyzing the critical reading section really useful?
why I got the questions wrong.? or is it a matter of just reading more often and bringing up my reading comprehension.</p>

<p>Of course analyzing your mistakes is useful. How else are you going to improve?</p>

<p>i also feel like you cant really analyze a wrong answer for CR... all you can do is look at, look at the answer and then match it to the passage and be like "whoops guess that choice is right!"</p>

<p>i disagree^
you need to look and see WHY you got the question wrong, like maybe the answer you chose had too much information in it that was not stated in the passage
next time u have a question you will know to not pick an answer with too much info
point being
you need to know what you're doing wrong or else ull keep doing the same mistake...i sound like a first grade teacher. =/</p>

<p>AND READ GRAMMATIX, itll change your LIFE</p>

<p>^It's 50 bucks, and the CR stuff didn't really help me.</p>

<p>Difference of opinion, i guess.</p>

<p>your on the internet, use your imagination
and the CR stuff was AMAZING, atleast try it out</p>

<p>which is better in terms of CR strategies, RR or Grammatix?</p>

<p>@broscaretolax: Umm, there are official explanations for every question in the Blue Book online. Didn't you know that?</p>

<p>@salzahrah: The only thing about the CR (passage) stated by Grammatix that i found useful was the extra info error stuff. The rest of the stuff was kind of obvious. Of course irrelevant answers are wrong!</p>

<p>I also didn't like how Grammatix advised you to not actually read the passage.</p>

<p>I thought that was for online course subscribers only. I tried very recently to get explanations but all it has is a page that lets you bubble in answers and evaluate the areas you need improvement in. I assumed it was an old feature in the past but if you can confirm it's still there I'm in luck.</p>

<p>It's there. You just have to answer a question about the book. (A really easy question btw. I got in before owning the book. :D)</p>

<p>soooooooooooooo RR vs grammatix?</p>

<p>i feel the same way as you bro..
you get it wrong and you feel like you just have to read it harder next time.</p>

yea that is somewhat true, but i mean what other advice could you give someone? All you can say is how to get the right answer and to do that you must eliminate the wrong answers as grammatix teaches. Like theirs nothing else they could say you know? thers nothing else anyone could say for CR
but foreal like for me, i saw that when i did NOT read the long passages i scored better by 25% but for short passages you have to read.</p>

<p>Rocket Review and Grammatix seem to offer the same CR advice.</p>