Analyzing my score-what's best for CR.

<p>I Had a 560 in CR, with 9 Sentence Completions wrong and 13 passage questions wrong. Vocab is the big problem for me since English is my 2nd language, and a lot of the passage questions require good vocab. To get a 700, you don't want to miss more than 8 questions usually. I took like 10 practice tests(all the BB ones) so I'm familiar with the test the right and tricky and trap answer choices, and really, all the passage questions have straightforward answers that are meant to make sense that you don't really study for. </p>

<p>I missed 4/6 vocab on the last CR section and missed 5/13 passage questions on that same section(it was section 9, close to the end where you're tired, and it was a boring passage about translating Anglo Saxon poetry). But I also missed 3-4 easy vocab questions on the whole test. Now my plan after the January test was to learn as many words as I could, 1500-2000(I did about 700 before I took the test). I took a long break after January, and I've gotten a good 300-400 down from the Sparknotes 1000. So I guess my real question is, by only getting 8 passage questions wrong on 2 sections( excluding the one that took a toll on me) but getting almost half of the sentence completions wrong, would it be okay to focus more on vocab until June? As in 70% vocab and 30% passages? How does 8 wrong on 2 sections sound to you guys? It's easier to focus on getting every sentence completion right, and do you guys think I should focus more on that judging by my score?</p>

<p>To a point, yes. Without vocab, you're just going to get ripped up by the SAT. 4 wrong per section on passages isn't the best, but that can easily be improved, especially after taking the SAT once, you know what to do a 2nd time. 4 wrong per section is in the general range of 3-5 per section. In your situation, getting all the vocab right and only 2-3 passage questions per section wrong gives you a 700!</p>