Anatomy of a Strong Med School Application Resume

"… In order to wow medical school admissions officers, a premed should aim for an impressive college GPA and MCAT score, experts say, but those quantitative factors are not the only factors that matter. Future doctors are expected to acquire some clinical experience before they apply to medical school. Meanwhile, aspiring physicians can distinguish themselves by conducting scientific research and publishing their research findings, experts suggest.

Scholarly achievements aren’t the only kind that count. Significant involvement in extracurricular activities allows med school hopefuls to demonstrate their leadership potential and persistence, experts note. In fact, extracurricular accomplishments within a field that is not related to either science or medicine – such as sports, music, fine arts, student government or entrepreneurship – can actually improve a med school applicant’s candidacy, since these achievements indicate that a person is multitalented and well-rounded, according to experts.

Because the med school admissions process is highly competitive, getting admitted typically requires a certain level of charisma or likeability, since there are many highly qualified premed students vying for a limited number of spots, experts say." …