subscription deals (not DNA tests)

There have been some mentions of deal on DNA tests, but are there times to obtain the best deal on a subscription?

I’ve definitely seen coupons and discounts posted at various times.

I’m wondering the best deal I should aim for.

I watched for about a year before buying Father’s Day deal in 2019 for $59 + tax/s&h. That was about as low as I saw them go while I was looking.

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Some of the bigger libraries give you limited access to ancestry with your library card. Check your local library system. Boston Public Library implemented this during the pandemic because people could no longer use the dedicated computers in the building.

My library has it available, great news. I will try the option to create a free tree that way. Can a person link the free tree to other relatives trees?

following. I have a gift subscription (I gave it to myself a year ago, it is nice that it doesn’t automatically renew) that will expire at the end of the month. I still have a lot more to build out on my tree, but I will let this lapse to take a break and work on the non-ancestry data I still have left to enter.

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