Ancient Greek placement

<p>My S took 4 years of Greek but stopped after what would be the 10th grade in the US (after his GCSEs). He wants to study Greek but doesn't know where he should start at Harvard. Does anyone know what is the level in the placement exam in Greek? He was reading Xenophon, Homer and Plato before he had to narrow his academic focus during A level years. But that was 2 years ago.</p>

<p>This is one where the student visits with the DUS of the Classics department for five minutes, they discuss what he knows and what his interests, goals, and plans are, and what he wants, and the answer becomes obvious, whatever it is. The student could probably e-mail him, too, if he really can't wait. I'm sure the Harvard DUS has a pretty good idea what O-level Greek is, and how it matches up with their course offerings.</p>

For further information about the concentration, contact Professor Richard Thomas, Director of Undergraduate Studies (<a href=""></a>, 617-496-6061).