And if you are looking for another reason why SMC is an excellent choice

<p>Saint Mary’s Only Bay Area College with Distinction On President's Community Service Honor Roll</p>

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<p>only 6 schools in the nation received this honor, the highest award given by the committee.</p>

<p>Happy to see that they got it. Kudos to SMC for the award! I love some of the service projects that they do.</p>

<p>But they lose points for an ambiguous press release. </p>

<p>To clarify, SMC got the 'Honor Roll With Distinction' along with 114 other colleges.
They weren't in the top 6.</p>

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<p>(trying to clarify gracefully before some shells us....)</p>

<p>oopps thanks for blaming the press release Karen and not the messenger ;)</p>