Andover and Cate?

<p>I know that no two schools can really compare to each other, and the Andover and Cate are vastly different. So, instead of trying to compare them, can you please give your thoughts/opinions/knowledge of both schools? I'm really interested in both of them, and I'd like to find out more than just the rote facts and figures and "selling the school" aspects, and more personal aspects.</p>


<p>Swimdude’s thread is an excellent source of information about Andover. So, too, are the CC threads titled “Andover Images and Video Gallery” by tomthecat and “Questions about Phillips Academy Andover” by Dieter Sama. Perhaps someone else can supply you information about Cate.</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>Ask CateParent. Very knowledgeable.</p>

<p>Both excellent, and selective. Open your search a bit wider. We interviewed at over half a dozen, and found that our perceptions of the culture, fit, and feel of the schools changed dramatically. Some that were at the top of our list dropped, a couple of others rose significantly. So consider some of the other widely discussed schools and go see for yourself. Unless you have a great local option as a backup you want to apply to more than a couple.</p>

<p>is there any particular vibe you're looking for? how did you pick those 2? perhaps if we knew what you were looking for we could suggest others to include.</p>