Andover "graduate" fakes his way into Harvard

<p>Ex-Harvard</a> senior charged with fabricating life history, stealing grant money - Local News Updates - MetroDesk - The Boston Globe</p>

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<p>Found it in the Harvard subsection. Thought it'd be an interesting read, since this kind of thing probably happens in the prep school world as well...</p>

<p>The story says he is not an Andover grad, but faked to be one.</p>

<p>That is why there are quotes around graduate in the thread title.</p>

<p>Do quotes mean he is not a graduate? Where did you learn that?</p>

<p>Quotation marks can be used to indicate or call attention to ironic words.</p>

<p>just to clarify, as 2010 hopeful said, the quotation marks were indicating sarcasm/irony. evidently, he was not an andover graduate.</p>

<p>i'm amazed it took them 4 years to uncover this. wow, i wonder how often this happens without anyone ever discovering anything...</p>

<p>Do quotes mean he is not a graduate? Where did you learn that? ~ pulsar</p>

<p>You are such a troll... And if you aren't then you apparently don't understand written English. I don't really know which is worse. Furthermore it's hilariously ironic that you scrutinize other people's grammar when you don't understand usage of quotation marks. </p>

<p>On the topic of the actual thread... It's absurd how much this man got away with and not that I would have cheated my way into anything, but if I were him I would have stopped with getting into Harvard. Bernie Madoff anybody?</p>

<p>Oh, you are back. The fun begins again. :D SPS is no picnic. Better start summer reading now.</p>

<p>sorry but lmao at the NYT one. ;) " his attempts to be an overachiever were his downfall..."</p>

<p>I find this very sad, and hope there will be some good outcome. </p>

<p>The fellow has some smarts just to have conceived this plan.</p>

<p>This kind of reminds me of Six Degrees of Seperation. Of course having Mr. Wheeler as Paul Poitier Kittredge.</p>

<p>I read that. But if you think about it, the kid must be pretty smart to be able to fake his way around the college admissions officers. I don't support it at all, but technically speaking...</p>

<p>not sure "smart" is the right word. antisocial? yes; devious and sly, maybe street-smart. But if he were really smart, he wouldn't have to fake anything, just take the tests and do well to get in like everyone else. no, this guy definitely isn't smart, just a criminal</p>