Andrew ID

<p>How long does it take to get your andrew id and email adress once youve enrolled?
I visited the 'Now That I'm Enrolling' page and it just says 'coming soon', but i need to fill in my housing forms as soon as possible</p>

<p>I didn't remember getting mine until I got there for orientation, but that was six years ago when people were all "I NEED MY E-MAIL SO I CAN GET ON FAAAAAAACEBOOOOOOOK."</p>

<p>(Not saying you are, just that a lot of people were in the following few years after Facebook took off.)</p>

<p>it took a couple of days for me. expect to be on the facebook network by the end of the weekend ;)</p>

<p>akj8ab - relax!!! The room assignment's priority is not based on when you fill in the housing form, so there is no rush, it is based on when did you make the $600 deposit.</p>

<p>Here is the CMU</a> FAQ.</p>

<p>well im an international it will take lots of time to receive the welcome package
exactly when did you guys see your id on the 'Now That I'm Enrolling' page ?
Thanks and best of luck</p>