Animal Science

Hello! I am a high school student getting ready to apply for college. I am looking into colleges with animal science majors. I am having a hard time finding ones that fit my requirements. My main concern is that i am going to a college that has access to lots of different animal species. I have found quite a few colleges that have a beef barn and a dairy farm and thats it.

Do you know of any colleges that have access to at least, beef, dairy, poultry, swine, and equine? i know its a lot and of course minus one would be fine i just want the chance to study many different types before i choose a specific one to work with for the rest of my life.

Look for schools with big Veterinary Science and Agriculture programs. Like Texas A&M, Washington State, Kansas State, Penn State, UC-Davis, Colorado State, Cornell, Oregon State, etc.

Agree with the above poster. Kansas State has all you mention (my son is in the vet school) and I think most of the others do too.

Home State?
College Budget/year?

Iowa State has research farms for all of the animals you are interested in:

If you’d like a smaller institution, you could consider Delaware Valley University near Philadelphia.

Start with your state’s land grant university. Every public land grant university has an extensive animal-science program.

Utah State University?

“The animal, dairy, and veterinary sciences degree includes all aspects of animal science, from livestock management to reproductive research and cloning. Students have many opportunities for hands-on experiences in feeding, breeding, handling, managing, and grooming animals by working with beef and dairy cattle, horses, sheep, and swine.”

I don’t know your stats but they give good merit or wue discounted tuition