Ann Arbor = Swim Town...

Ann Arbor Named ‘America’s Top Swim City’ by USA Swimming
For the second straight year, Ann Arbor, Michigan
was named
the best swimming city in the country in a study by USA Swimming.

The study was commissioned by USA Swimming and Speedo in partnership with SRi and Sports Marketing Surveys. They compiled the rankings based on an aggregate score in categories including percentage of active swimmers and swim clubs, number of accessible pools and volume of top-level swimmers from the area.

Ann Arbor has the largest percentage of top USA Swimming athletes per population and the second-highest number of pool facilities per population of any city in the country. More than 60 Olympians came through the University of Michigan’s swim program.

According to 2012 Olympian and former University of Michigan swimmer Tyler Clary, “People love swimming in Ann Arbor and the community rallies around the sport. This honor is also a testament to the University of Michigan swim program and how it has inspired the entire city of Ann Arbor to get in the water. The combination of Club Wolverine, the university, city residents and Club Wolverine Swim Camp as one of the most successful swim camps in the country, is evidence of why the Ann Arbor swim community is so great.”

A full list of the top swimming cities can be found on
USA Swimming’s website

Not just swimming, Ann Arbor is famous for figure skating and ice dancing too. The ice dance medalist Charlie White (also UMich alum) used to live across the street from me. :wink:

Michigan has won more NCAA swimming national championships (12) than any other university…and that’s not including Michael Phelps!