<p>Has anyone gotten in?
I am a nervous wreck. Lol. :/</p>

<p>Yes, a few on CC have been accepted already (and some of us who have not are on also the edge of our seats....) Hang in there...What is your status?</p>

<p>My status is still on "Your application is being reviewed by the adcom..." Ahhh.</p>

<p>sTill on "we have received grades"....Not expecting much until April..</p>

<p>(very happy Newhouse @ Syracuse released early.....yes, cold, but great!)</p>

<p>Congrats on Syracuse! I was about to apply there, but realized I couldn't handle the weather, since I am used to the gorgeous Southern California weather!</p>

<p>Yeah I got in 3/15 to Anneberg, communications major, but it seems like the school is slow compared to others, so hang in there..</p>

<p>I got in 3/1 to Annenberg for Broadcast Journalism, and I am thrilled to pieces!</p>

<p>Way to go for Syracuse! The Newhouse School is amazing, and I almost applied there, but like lilypeasx3, the weather was a little too daunting (I'm from Socal). Best of luck to you all! And I know for a fact that Annenberg does take longer- I talked to my Annenberg admissions officer about it a couple weeks before I was admitted.</p>

<p>HaHa,....yea, my d also does not want cold weather, but unless she is accepted to Annenberg, it's probably going to be Newhouse.....We are in the last batch to go out so we'll see....Congrats to all....!!!</p>

<p>I was accepted!! :) Congrats to all who have been, and good luck to all who have applied!</p>

<p>Can anyone tell me about the Annenberg Scholars program?? I was accepted, however I can´t find much about it / dont really understand what it is except my parents think it will look good on Job resumes, haha.</p>


<p>haha i started my own thread but yeah i got into annenberg today!! communications major. GOOD LUCK!! maybe we will be future peers :D</p>