Announcing the BETA of Our New AI-driven College Chance Calculator!

We’re excited to announce the BETA launch of a new site feature developed in partnership with It is an AI-powered admissions predictor, so students can calculate their chances for over 500+ schools with the most selective admissions right here on CC, for free!

You can read more about the feature here, and we’ve also compiled a few FAQs below:

Why is this feature being launched?

Over the years, a frequent user request has been for a data-driven chancing calculator. So when the opportunity to partner with CollegeLab arose, we knew this would be something our users would like to have. CC is committed to helping students and their families make better, more informed decisions on the path to college. Alongside the college guidance and insightful community discussions that already exist on CC, we hope the AI Admissions Predictor can be another tool used to help families along their journey.

Is it free?
Yes! The AI Admissions Predictor integrated on College Confidential is completely free for our community members. It leverages 4 of 12 data points in CollegeLab’s algorithm to allow students to see predictions for more than 500 selective colleges.

Will this replace the CC Chance Me threads?

Nope! The unique insight the community provides in those threads is invaluable, and will always be a part of CC. In fact, we are working on ways to improve and expand on our CC Chance Me discussions. The AI Admissions Predictor is intended to give students a quick way to see how they stack up for the schools they’re interested in. We hope that the prediction scores can complement the community-driven CC Chance Me discussions with a data-driven look at admissions predictions.

CollegeLab? Who are they?

CollegeLab is a team that has created a proprietary algorithm leveraging over 5.3 million student applications with outcomes to tell students their chances of admission. Built using machine learning methods and the expertise of a former Ivy League Dean of Admissions, CollegeLab provides artificially intelligent college admissions tools to help students & families better navigate and manage the college admissions process. CollegeLab has a subscription service available on their website that includes additional features. In short, they’re a team of smart folks with access to a lot of data and expert admissions insights, and they’re using it to help college-bound families like you! CollegeLab has a subscription service available on their website that includes additional features.

So what?

This is a BETA launch (meaning we’re excited for you to give it a spin)! What are your prediction scores looking like? Any surprises? Let us know!

I am surprised you have to pay for it!

The AI Admissions Predictor integrated on College Confidential is completely free. (Just updated the post to make that clearer.) We want feedback on our free offering, so let us know what you think!

Well, I filled out the “Chancing Profile” and see no way to proceed. (Other than the ACT in-line ad).

Both Safari and Firefox. Is this not iPad-compatible?

(also curious how it will handle a 5.08 wGPA without asking for the scale).


So it predicted a 4.0 UW student (California) with 1500+ SAT to have an 87% chance at Berkeley, but only an 18% chance at UC Irvine and Riverside. It also predicted that student would have a 30% chance of getting in both National University and Stanford. No prediction for UCLA and UC Davis. I think it needs some work.

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Well, it is “Artificial”….


Got it! I updated the language of the post to reflect that it does :wink:

Also on an iPad and having the same issue as RichinPitt. Tried inputting the stats D20 had and she never took the ACT. I am stuck here with no way to get past this.

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This totally needs work. I entered my DDs stats. 3.2 unweighted GPA and 3.5 weighted. 1230 SAT and it said she had an 87% chance to be admitted to University of Pennsylvania….but something like an 18% chance of being admitted to Eastern Michigan.

Something is “off”.

It also said with her SAT and GPA that she had a very high chance of admission to UMD-CP. Our son had a higher GPA and a higher SAT score…and was rejected by this college….years ago when acceptance was actually easier.


Something very wrong with this or else we have completely misjudged D22’s chances everywhere. For one thing I agree - how can you judge a weighted GPA if you don’t even ask out of what?

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I’m inputting D22’s SAT and ACT score and it keeps saying “you must input 1 SAT or ACT score” and won’t let me go any further. I am putting it in so not sure what’s up.

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You have to click add score & enter the date, etc.

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ok. just for fun i input s20’s scores. 34 ACT; 3.97 uw; 4.8 W.
the results are rather dismal, honestly. mostly 6% and 30% admittance chances for just normal state schools. (eg: northern AZ; central Wa, oregon state; east carolina state, weber state in UT with an 89% acceptance rate gave him a 6% chance too.)

he also has a 6% chance of getting into the University of Kansas, which has a 93% admit rate. OK - wondering what i did wrong!? (and just by chance he did get into KU; with merit $).

it’s like a magic 8 ball chancer!

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4.0 unweighted HS GPA and 1600 SAT score gives:

  • 34% at CSU Long Beach
  • 76% at CSU Stanislaus
  • 55% at University of Alabama
  • 81% at University of Arizona
  • 84% at Arizona State University
  • 70% at San Francisco State University
  • 55% at San Jose State University
  • 50% at CSU Northridge
  • 87% at Iowa State University
  • 78% at University of Alabama in Huntsville
  • 80% at University of Mississippi
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Yes, UI also needs work. You would think that entering the data in the fields and hitting save would work. But no.

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OK, I get to the next step on a PC. After adding GPA, test scores, etc., I get to a page with a list and filters asking me to enter…wait for it…GPA, test scores, etc.

Is this entire “AI” system based on nothing but GPA, wGPA, and standardized test scores? That’s all I entered, other than demographic data.

OK, now I get it…

Want to learn more about how your score was calculated and how to unlock a more accurate prediction?

$5 - Monthly Subscription
$50 - Annual Subscription
$99 - Lifetime Subscription



It doesn’t work. When I put in my ACT score and hit save, it gives me an error message saying I must put in an ACT or SAT score. I even put in a fake SAT to see if it needed one of each, but it still wouldn’t save and calculate my results.

i do think it’s a fun idea though. Like a little game or prize.
but, it needs a lot of tweaking from what i can see.

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