annoying sat math question

<p>im a calc bc student but cant answer this question lol</p>

<p>The digits 1,2,3 and 4 are to be arranged randomly to make a positive four digit integer. What is the probability that the digits 1,2,3 will be directly next to each other, in that order, from left to right?
a) 1/12
d 1/4
e 1/3</p>

<p>My reasoning is that there are 4<em>3</em>2 total possible 4 digit numbers with the digits 1,2,3,4.
Also, there are 2 possibilities where 1,2,3 will be directly next to each other.
The answer should be 2/ (4<em>3</em>2)= 1/12= A
However, the answer is actually B
Can someone explain?</p>

<p>Your right, the answer is A, not B. 1/12 is correct.</p>

<p>Think about it. Probability = success/overall attempts
Successful attempts are 1234 and 2341, so there are 2 possible successful attempts.
The number of possible arrangements is 4! = 4x3x2x1 = 24.
Therefore 2/24 = 1/12, A</p>

<p>^ I think you meant 1234 and 4123.</p>

<p>How would the answer be B? It's A..</p>

<p>The answer is definitely A... maybe the answer in your book is wrong. If you have the official SAT book they have a correction sheet in it... so check if that's on it.</p>

<p>Yeah, it should definitley be's really annoying when they give you the wrong answer. I saw a question the other day and it was just one big giant typo where they replaced = with 5 and + with 1.</p>