Another American wants to be chanced...

<p>Alrighty, so...
- GPA 3.98 UW in all IB classes
- 1970 SAT: CR 650, M 670, W 650
- SAT II: Bio E 680, Lit 660, Math II pending
- Full IB Diploma Candidate: 5 Psychology SL, 5 Mathematics SL</p>

<p>I know all of my SATs suck D:</p>


<p>You say Full IB... but only list 2 subjects, what about the other 4 and TOK/EE?</p>

<p>Woops, I've yet to test in those subjects. But they're:</p>

<p>Biology HL, English A1 HL, French B HL, History HL, and Visual Arts SL.
And I'm also taking AP Stats this year, too.
TOK/EE are also still in progress.</p>

<p>So now I'm seeing 7 IB subjects?? </p>

<p>do you not have predictions?</p>

<p>Yup, 7 subjects. No, we don't have predicted scores yet. My IB Coordinator said that we won't have them til March or April.</p>

<p>How can you be doing 7 subjects? IB is 6 subjects /7points +3bonus = 45.</p>

<p>I'm taking 6 plus a certificate in Visual Arts SL</p>

<p>Can anyone try to chance me?</p>

<p>Your GPA is great! Not so sure about your SATs, but I'm sure you have a good chance!
If you can, maybe you can retake your SATs?</p>