Another Chance Me + Questions

<p>Race/Ethnicity: Asian (Korean)
Gender: Female
Citizen of Canada</p>

<p>SAT IIs
Math II: 770
Korean: 790
English Lit:
World History:</p>

<p>SAT I:
Taking in May 2012</p>

<p>School stuff:
-Hardest courses available
-All A's except for science in sophomore year (most likely not going to bump up)
-GPA GOING DOWN since frosh year</p>

<p>Club Activities:
-President of Junior Mathletes
-President/ founder of Make a Wish club
-President/ founder of debate club
-Secretary/ reporter of school newspaper
-Member of Student Council
-Member of LEO club
-Member of Model UN club</p>

-ConnectMUN outstanding delegate
-Whitman College Debate tournament 1st speaker/ team rank
-SemiMUN Honourable Mention
-Rupe Scholars NFL essay 3rd place
-World Online Debate Championships 1st place (Team Canada)
-Provincial qualifier for math contests
-Top 20% in nation for U of Waterloo math contest</p>

1) I'm still a sophomore, so I have 2 subject tests and the reasoning test still to write. What are the scores I would need at least to get into Princeton?
2) GPA on a down slope= really really bad?
3) Canadian schools have a percentage system that's different from the States' (86% and above=A etc) do they convert this into the GPA system out of 4?
4) Any other suggestions?</p>