Another chance thread that I know everyones excited about!

<p>I'm in the 9th grade and I know this is early but maybe rather than chancing you can tell me what else could help me out
I really love Yale and would be thrilled if I could go there</p>

income bracket <100,000+>

<p>9th grade private school
3.8 GPA (but there's lots of grade deflation at my school...hopefully I can bring it up I'm not sure how it all works I have all A's just a few A minuses because of being sick and missing days of classes that are mostly note based)</p>

<p>classes this year</p>

<p>british literature</p>

<p>world history</p>

<p>algebra 2</p>


<p>religion (parochial school)</p>

<p>studio art 1</p>

<p>music consortium (basically just a strings ensemble)</p>

<p>french 1</p>

<p>There are no AP classes at my school and all of their honors were filled up before I was accepted into the school :(</p>

<p>I think I want to transfer next year though seeing ad how I don't like the school I'm in. probably to a public school with a really good debate team. </p>

<p>next year I'll be in pre calc just to clarify (I've already taken geometry)</p>

<p>Obviously I don't have my test scores but I've always done really well I was in the 95th percentile for the SSAT that I had to take to get into my school (sorry I don't know the actual score just the percentile) so I'm not really that worried about it</p>



<p>30+ community theatre shows lots of small awards for acting but nothing of great importance
chairman on the advisory board for a local theatre</p>

<h2>2 shows (so far at my school) I'm likely to letter this year and end up on the theatre council</h2>

<p>Volunteer work</p>

<p>Hospital (a relatively new activity)
100+ hours</p>

<p>16 trips to New Orleans since hurricane Katrina to work in a mental health center as well as rebuild elderly persons homes</p>

<p>2 trips to Haiti working on Research for Georgetown university comparing rural and urban Haitian Orphans</p>


<p>Miscellaneous other activities</p>

<p>Debate team (just started but I'm hoping to compete at state seeing as how I really like it and have been consistently placing)</p>

<p>Second degree Black belt in tae kwon do as well as assistant instructor at studio</p>

<p>Violin for 11 years (mostly just playing in orchestras for school as well as my violin studios orchestra)</p>

<p>skiing club (mostly just recreational have been doing so since I was very little not really important)</p>

<p>avid scuba diver?</p>

<h2>also last summer I went to MITY (minnesota institute for talented youth) I'm not sure if that really helps at all though...</h2>

<p>I want to study political science so this summer I'm volunteering on Amy Klobuchar's campaign for re-election (she went to Yale) I know her as an acquaintance so I think if I work with her she'll write me a letter of recommendation which I think should be helpful</p>

<p>also my uncle went to Yale and he can also give me a letter of recommendation</p>

<p>I know this might seem really obnoxious but I always thought it would be fun to try out a chance thread even though there isn't much chancing that can be done for me yet!
Yale is kind of an exception because otherwise I'd like to just got to the U of M
thanks anyways guys!</p>

<p>Come back in two years.</p>

<p>Also, your Uncle's letter could prove to be helpful.</p>

<p>A reply that isn't on topic, but you brought up.</p>

<p>In debate, you cannot compete at state as a novice. You will have to compete at the varsity level and make outrounds in most all of your qualifying tournaments. You will also have to be in the top X of debaters in your league. </p>

<p>What type of debate are you doing? Good luck!</p>

<p>At this point though, you look like a good student. Keep up the work, the grades, and test scores!</p>

<p>thanks crazymomster</p>

<p>I'm actually going to be jumping up to JV just to try it out (I know it sounds silly but I want to see what kind of competition there will be in the future years)</p>

<p>yeah I figured it was to early to ask! lol thanks anyways for responding!</p>

<p>Oh and currently LD but I really want to start Puffing so I'd probably be back at novice for that</p>

<p>My S has been doing LD for the past 3 years and policy his first year. </p>

<p>BTW, you can't go back to novice (except for this year if you haven't qualified for higher than novice) regardless if you have never competed in that style at all.</p>