Another Chance Thread with SATIIs In

Canada, competitive (somewhat) private school</p>

<p>Test Scores:
SATI Verbal : 630 (retake, looking at 730)
SATI Math : 780 (retake, looking at 800)
SATII Writing : 680
SATII Physics : 730
SATII MathIIc : 680</p>

<p>Grades (unweighted):
Freshman - 3.1
Sophomore - 3.75
Junior - 3.75
Senior First Term - 3.93~4. Anything depending on the english grade.</p>

<p>Rank (uncumulative):
Junior, 2nd Decile (Top 10%~20%)</p>

<p>Course Load: Most Rigorous Available</p>

Head of a Residence
DECA President
Political Science Club President
Senior Summer: Worked with a professor of Theoretical Physics
Four Bands</p>

<p>Applying: Cornell Arts and Science ED. Physics Major.</p>

<p>bump -----</p>

<p>what happened freshman year?</p>

<p>not too much studying, I guess :-(</p>

<p>well seeing that your grades had an upward trend, that is favorable, so long as you didnt fail anything your freshman year. did you?</p>

<p>plus, try to bring ur SAT score up.</p>

<p>yes, thanks. I did not fail any course.</p>