Another Chance thread

<p>Female Rural Vermont
I applied for Natural Resources at The Rubenstein School
3.7 GPA
3/46 class rank
1660 SAT
610 critical reading
560 Writing
490 Math
24 ACT
29 Reading
23 Science
23 Writing
20 Math
5 AP classes</p>

<p>Activities and Honors
National Honor Society Secretary
Captain Of Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor track
4H Sheep
Band (Alto Sax primarily though flute and clarinet too.)
HOBY Ambassador sophomore year
French Immersion program summer in Nova Scotia summer of Junior year.</p>

Vermont Youth Conservation Corps- Summer 2009</p>

<p>I know My scores (particulary Math) are low.</p>

<p>I think it's safe to say you can forget about that math score. Your overall stats clearly show that you are a good student and you challenge yourself. UVM is good about giving students credit for what they're good at. Admission is also less competitive for in-state students. You should be in easily.</p>

<p>I say you are in. GPA and rank demonstrate how dedicated you are with school work. Overall SAT score is fine and activities are good. </p>

<p>:) Hope you attend WHEN you get accepted.</p>

<p>Chris, do you go to UVM?</p>