Another "Chances"

<p>Race/Gender: White Male
Location: New York State
Class Rank: Top 25% of class of ~800
1340 SAT (720V, 620M)
3.6 GPA
5 on the AP History Exam (Taking AP English and AP Economics currently)
Honors English courses as well
-MasterMinds (Quiz Bowl competition, won state championships last year)
-Co-President of Latin Club
-Many hrs. community service at homeless shelters
-Active in Catholic church youth group
-Political Action Club
-Interned with a U.S. Congressman last summer</p>

<p>Two very good (in my opinion at least) teacher reccomendation essays</p>

<p>I also build computers for myself/friends, and spend a good amount of time working with PC programs.</p>

<p>I realize my GPA and SAT aren't the best in the world, but I'm hoping this will help: My great-uncle (Patch Carroll) was a vice-president, professor, and editor-in-chief of the Ave Maria (ND's religious magazine/publishing co.) for 30-odd years. I never met him, but from what I've read, he seemed like a pretty dedicated member of the ND faculty.</p>

<p>So, what do you think? I'm applying to other Catholic universities like Fordham in NYC as safety schools. Is ND a reach?</p>