Another claim of attack on black student proven false

And a thousand more proven true

Does the fact that thousands are proven true give anybody rights to lie and ruin other’s lives by doing so? If the answer is “YES”, then I can see the correlation between OP and post #1. If the answer is NO, then why the fact that “thousand more proven true” have to explain the reason for lying? I would say, it should be the other way. People who are liyng breaking the trust. They create a real obstacle in due process for those thousand who will have a harder time to prove true because of these lies by others.

Got a link to those thousand more proven true?

@Ohiodad51, Or if you want further context:

@barrons, what do you mean by “another?” Are you seeing an insidious pervasiveness of minorities who fake hate crimes? Or are you just referring to SUNY Albany? In which case:

“Another claim of attack on a black student proven false” - Two (or I’ll give you four if you want to count each student)

Compared to…

FBI statistics for 2014 (most recent available) - 5,479 hate crime incidents involving 6,418 offenses with 6,727 victims (see link above)

Great retort, @palm715 . But save your typing. The same bobbleheads will still find ways to use this incident as slam on minorities. No one said it was ok to lie to fabricate attacks, but you know, those blacks, can’t trust 'em.

I’m sure you could find examples of fake accusations for every single type of crime in existence. So what? That doesn’t mean the real crimes don’t happen.

The same mentality is present on many of the college rape threads. Some posters seem to believe there really is no such thing as acquaintance rape. It’s just false accusations based on regret sex or even an evil desire to ruin some poor guy’s life.