Another college-changing question

<p>is it possible to change college before enrollment? i heard that you must complete a series of writing requirement in order to switch college, but im not sure if it only applies to prefrosh. please help!</p>

<p>Why don't you call UCSD on Monday morning?</p>

<p>i was hoping to receive quicker reply =/</p>

<p>yes! my question, tooo... BUMP</p>

<p>no. they're not going to process requests from non-students. you'll need a reason to transfer, but since you haven't spent any time there as a UCSD student, they're not going to consider you until you have a legitimate reason to transfer out.</p>

<p>it's hard enough for current students, prefrosh aren't going to get any special treatment.</p>

<p>It's next to impossible to change schools. Just accept the one you are assigned.</p>

<p>i heard you can change though if you want to room with someone thats going there from your school?</p>

<p>tried that once, no dice.</p>

<p>Don't even bother changing trying to change your college. Every official response from the school says that they don't even consider it, unless you have a damn good excuse</p>

<p>Don't want to sound too prissy, but the correct answer to your question is RTFM. When you log in, one of the prominently displayed links is "Frequently Asked Questions". It states:</p>

Q: I would like to switch to another UCSD undergraduate college. Can I request a switch from the one I was admitted to?
A: No. Each college has a certain number of spaces for freshmen to meet its
enrollment goals. Therefore, no college change requests can be granted. Experience has shown that once you arrive on campus, you will most likely be very happy with your undergraduate college.


<p>Actually this is the answer UCSD gives on their website.
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<p>Q: Can I switch to a different college?</p>

<p>A: Yes, after you complete the writing program and if you can demonstrate that switching to a different college will allow you to graduate with fewer academic quarters.</p>

<p>so which is true? does anyone know?</p>

<p>the conclusion:</p>

<li><p>you can petition to change AFTER you're enrolled and can prove that the change actually results in some "real" benefits (ie, earlier graduation with fewer GE requirements) and not just a "i don't like hum" whine. you don't need to complete your first college's writing requirements before petitioning (my art-major suitemate transferred from revelle to marshall while she was enrolled in hum 2, but took hum 3 with us just to make it equate DOC 3 and get all writing requirements out of the way)</p></li>
<li><p>you CANNOT petition to change before you enroll at UCSD.</p></li>
<li><p>change-of-college requests are not granted frequently, but they do happen.</p></li>

<p>Thank you so much for clearing that up!</p>

<p>that includes the dorms correct? no just the colelges but you get to physically move into the new college dorms?</p>

<p>not right away (you think there's room for them to move you into a new dorm? ha!), and it still depends.</p>

<p>my suitemate got her change-of-college approval done after the housing lottery was conducted, so 2nd year she was a marshall student living in a pepper canyon apartment with revelle apartmentmates.</p>

<p>"another college-changing question" if you already know other people asked the same question, why do you have to ask again? can't you just read those answers?</p>

<p>plus these threads are so pointless. you're all probably gonna end up not even trying to trasfer after you get to UCSD...</p>