Another Course Scheduling Thread

<p>Hey Everyone,</p>

<p>I have choose my courses for senior year next week. </p>

<p>Some background: I(think I) want to go into engineering and hope to eventually be in marketing or in product management in the auto industry(Any advice on this would also be appreciated). I am aiming for some of the top tier colleges like Cornell, Rice, and Stanford(All Reaches haha). </p>

<p>Currently I am taking:
AP US - Fairly straightforward class..neither interesting nor dull
AP Lang - Interesting class which allows me to improve my writing
AP Economics - My favorite class by far. Considering double majoring just because I'm so interested
AP Calculus BC - Started out bad but now I'm doing well. Don't find it 'fun' though
AP Spanish - Alright class. Last spanish class for me
Comp Sci - Straightforward logic driven class
Physics Honors - Straightforward class but seems elementary</p>

<p>With the courseload above I still have a good amount of free time to pursue other activities. Might just be because most of the classes can be based on understanding of the material rather than memorization(preferred for all future classes) so I don't have too much busywork.</p>

<p>Courses I know I'm taking next year:
AP Comparative Gov - Taking Comp. just because it sounds more interesting to me
Multivariable Calc/Linear Algebra - College credit from local university for both
AP Physics C
AP Comp Sci</p>

<p>Courses I'm thinking about:
AP Lit - This course is repeatedly stated as more work than 4 or 5 ap classes combined due to the amount of time spent reading, annotating, and doing packets. There is an honours option but it is the same thing without the ap exam. My current ap lang teacher also teaches film study and has told us that film study will be structured the same way thematically as lit to alleviate some of the workload but I think that although this might make lit easier to understand(not my main concern), lit will still continue to be a massive amount of work. If I take AP Lit I will take Film study with it. </p>

<p>AP Bio - Supposed to be a solid class. Decent workload but learn a lot. Not super interested in bio and won't support what I want to do too much.</p>

<p>AP Environmental - Pretty easy straightforward class. Won't really help too much other than being slightly related to the fact that I'm interested in working with electric cars.</p>

<p>AP Psych - Just an interesting class in general. It's a lot of memorization from what I hear, but it interests me enough for me to not mind it.</p>

<p>Be a teachers assistant for AP Econ- Seeing as it is my favorite class and I'm extremely interested in it I was considering TAing. The teacher likes me a lot and I might ask him for college recommendations next year as well. I also just want more time to talk to him about economics in general. Not sure if this would be seen as being lazy though.</p>

<p>Thank you to everyone who helps. I really appreciate it.
I apologize for the length of this message.</p>