Another Crazy Deferral Reversal Idea

<p>I own a small skateboard deck company, in which I buy lots of boards wholesale, screen them, and then sell them. I was thinking a screening a deck with a logo that said university of pennsylvania with a picture of the button or ben franklin’s statue or something of the sort. It’d probably cost me about 25 dollars with shipping. I would also add a note with how i’ve been expanding my company since, and maybe toss in something cute like give it to whoever on campus looks like they need it most. </p>

<p>Is that overboard, if so, is a photo of me kickflipping down some stairs with it a good idea, and turning it in with the supplemental essay I’m going to write anyways?</p>

<p>I think its an awesome idea, just make sure it ties in with your essay</p>

<p>well, you know my take</p>

<p>also, maybe you could include in an essay how Penn would be the perfect place to continue your business (although idk if it is, in fact, the perfect place to continue your business)</p>

<p>I don't know much about business (I'm going to the college for english) but don't businesses send "gifts" and things to other companys to promote things? Like when a company sends merchandise to a celebrity so they use it and the company gets more sales. Maybe the admissions officers will see it like that and think of it as good business strategy. (I'm assuming you were defered from Wharton) My comparison might be a little out there and crazy but I definitely think it's a good idea.</p>

<p>re en, i didn't even see it that way, but you make a good point. The only thing I'd worry bout is buying this figurine; why are they so expensive?</p>

<p>I found one for $70</p>

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<p>also one for $41</p>

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<p>The figurines are super nice, my family owns a ton, so the price is no factor, i just don't want it to seem like a bribe</p>

<p>I've seen some college deans talking about crazy things they recieved from applicants like one liked to cook so she sent a cake with the school's logo on it...they ate the cake and rejected her. It's a risk though its really have to tie it into your essay.</p>

<p>Yeah, philly would be the best place to continue my business. It's the skateboarding capital of the east coast.</p>

<p>Anyway, I'd like a few more opinions, so I don't want this thread to die yet.</p>

<p>Somewhere on CC I remember reading about a kid who sent a shoe to a school after being defered to "put his foot in the door." BUt he'd applied early to two different schools, got defered from both, and sent two shoes. Apparently, the admissions officers liked the idea and were going to accept him until they found out that he'd done it twice. He was then rejected from both schools. I think that's the story...but my reason for saying it is because maybe admissions people like creative ideas like that, especially the more original ones.</p>

<p>yeah, that didn't originate on CC, but it was a guy who applied to UVA and (William & Mary? idk another first-rate virginny school)...they thought it was funny, so the UVA guy calls his buddy at (W&M?) and says "hey, some applicant sent me the funniest thing", and the other guy says, "hey! i got that too!" </p>

<p>so they both rejected him</p>

<p>oh, i forgot to mention---one got the right, the other got the left</p>